Pheidippides - The Original Marathon Dude

The first marathoner – Pheidippides

“The person who starts the race is not the same person who finishes the race.”
~ spectator sign seen during a marathon

Pheidippides - The Original Marathon Dude

The man who inspired the 26.2 mile run. He ran. He announced victory. He died. A legend was born.


Is there a better way to start a blog about inspirational runners than to write about the man who started this whole crazy idea of running until your body can’t run no more … or, as in his case, until the body ceases all together.

So for those who are still not so familiar with the story. Here goes my synopsis:

It was around 490 BC, when Greece, at war with Persia, had just won a great battle at Marathon. Pheidippides, the running dude on team Greece, was ordered to bring the message of victory to Athens. And so he ran, endorphins pumping through his veins, until he reached Acropolis and announced “Joy, we win.” And then … the combination of joy from victory and joy from running was too much for his heart to take. His heart burst. He died. Poems were written. The legend of the marathon was born.

His greatest achievements:

He has inspired and continues to inspire millions of people world-wide to run. Some numbers:

He is the first documented running dude and he is the first in my list of the most inspirational runners.

Your turn

Please comment. Who is your most inspirational runner and why?



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